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Monochrome Laser Printer High-Yield Printer

Unlimited Ink Program


Unlimited Ink Program

Why choose our “Unlimited Ink  Program”

Value Added

  • Unlimited supply of black and color ink
  • No more expenses for your printer equipment
  • Nothing to worry on printer maintenance
  • Free service, repair and maintenance
  • Quick and reliable service
  • Minimal cash out

Acquisition Method

  • Sign a one-year agreement on the program.
  • Pay a security deposit of equivalent to one month charge upon signing the agreement.
  • Pay the first month charge upon delivery of the printer.

Terms and Conditions

  • All ink consumables must be exclusively sourced from Drum-Kit System, Inc.
  • Printer unit and ink cartridge is the property of Drum-Kit System, Inc.
  • Free parts and services except user breakable plastic parts and negligence of user.